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. a tornado on the ground in adairsville. you can see to the right of the funnel, some of the debris coming up. this is a quarter mile from our location here on highway 41. >> this tornado here you're looking at leveled a small home, flipped over some ten cars, one person died there after a building collapsed and a man, we're also told, was killed in nashville, tennessee, where a tree fell on his home. you're looking here -- look at the colors, the warnings, we're going to talk to chad maiers in a minute. i want to talk to miguel marquez, he's 60 miles north of atlanta. miguel, we saw the picture here of this tornado. tell me what you're seeing on the ground right now. >> a wide swath of damage through adairsville, it looks like, for the most part. there is a hotel that has been shredded by this storm. there is a plant that makes heavy machinery shredded by this tornado. there are several businesses along the adairsville highway, just off i-75 that have been damaged. there are power lines down throughout the area. trees are down, smashed into cars, trailers overturned, trailers damaged as well
funnel cloud tearing through downtown adairsville, georgia. >> right across the line. >> reporter: destroying dozens of homes and businesses, killing at least one person. as the fast-moving storm swept across georgia, authorities were forced to shut down nearly ten miles of interstate 75, after vehicles were tossed and overturned by strong winds. 100 people were at work when the twister took aim at this manufacturing plant. >> seeing it come down. and it got to the last point, and you had to run. >> reporter: thankfully, everyone made it out alive. the baker family rode out the storm in their backyard shelter. >> we shut the door, you know, to keep us all safe. and then when we walked out, we saw this. and our home is gone. but we're okay. >> reporter: children were forced to take cover inside schools. outside, streets flooded. and thousands were left without power. this after a night of wild weather, a line of storms stretching 1,000 miles from the gulf coast to the great lakes wreaked havoc on the nation's mid section with high winds, heavy rain and even snow. in tennessee, the
of the worst destruction is in the northern georgia town of adairsville, a tornado 1/4- mile wide downed power lines and overturned vehicles. it left its mark on tennessee. >> it sucked my truck in like a vacuum and it spit me out. >> our home is gone and never expected to see anything like this. >> i'm telling you without a shadow of a doubt in my mind that the lord woke me up, said get up because i had no sooner got up and got out of the way than the tree fell on the house. >> wow, the sheriff in adairsville estimates the tornado stayed on the ground a full two minutes. one man died when a tree fell on his home. at least nine people were also injured. look at that destruction. >> we were talking about this system yesterday when we heard about the fact there were these tornadoes in the atlanta area. that was some kind of system. >> it was. we had tornadoes and wind damage essentially up and down the eastern seaboard. tornadoes never really got past georgia. >>> we had winds and torrential rains, now back to winter. we're closing the book on january and track light snow late tonight. let's sta
is outside atlanta tonight in adairsville, georgia, where one powerful tornado has already torn through town. >> reporter: an hour north of atlanta, an amazing picture. the sky was falling. >> we've got debris now flying to the left and center of this system. the sirens have been going off here. the wind is kicking up, along with the rain. again, a funnel crossing the interstate here in adairsville. >> reporter: witnesses here say the tornado was on the ground, churning through homes, office buildings and factories for more than 20 minutes. scientists think it was an ef-2 or greater, with wind speeds more than 125 miles an hour. >> please take safe shelter for us right now. get in that center portion of your home. a basement if you have it. >> reporter: in calhoun, georgia, homes were leveled. at this factory in adairsville, workers scrambled for cover. neighbors had to rescue families trapped inside their crumbled homes. one man was killed. >> there was no warnings, no sirens, no nothing. >> reporter: we talked with the family of the man who died. they were at home looking for a lost pet. j
. cars crushed. buildings damaged. people trapped in homes in adairsville, georgia. the tornado went over the interstate including tractor-trailers that are turned over near mile marker 306. i'll take you to the cell right there. we knew it was on the ground. we knew it was headed to that town. many times these storms hit farmland and away from cities. when they make a run at a town or city, that's when obviously everything just goes out the door. you have to take care of yourself and those people in that town. go ahead. >> i've got a report that people are trapped in adairsville. does it mean they can't expect to have someone come to help them any time soon because the danger is on the ground? >> that first storm was the discrete supercell ahead of the line and now the line is coming with winds of 60 miles per hour. the police scanner reports that i'm hearing now, the town is in complete shambles. trees down everywhere. power is down everywhere. the policemen can't get to the homes that are damaged and destroyed because there is so many debris in the roadways there. >> just help me out h
of adairsville, georgia, killing one and leaving many without homes. residents, including terry, the man who shot that video. we have him on the phone. are you there? >> yes, i am. >> that is a massive storm. incred credible video you -- incredible video. take us throw the moment. >> pretty intense. i was at my office. my wife asked me to look out the window. i turned around and looked out the window, saw a massive cloud cover. as we were watching it, it started forming a funnel cloud, and it touched down within ten seconds of it starting to form covered within a mile span, it from one end of adairsville to the other. then crossed highway 41. a lot of structural damage to building, as it took off across 140, struck damage. this thing was quarter mile away from us and i was videoing out the front of the windows at my office. i did happen to go outside as well. >> we're roll something video of some of the damage, the destruction left in the wake of the -- the path of the storm. i think they've said 16-mile long storm, a half mile wide storm, just creating havoc on its way. were you scared? >> well,
adairsville, georgia. >> reporter: a long day of cleanup and recovery here in adairsville. the national weather has been assessing the damage, and come across much like what you see here, entire structures demold i could, a factory destroyed. for -- they believe this could be an ef-3, winds of 150 to 160 miles per hour. they've also determined that path of the tornado likely started a couple miles to my south, and continued for about 20 miles. again, still waiting for that official designation, but that looks to be the preliminary information we're getting from those national weather service assessment teams. in terms of the community here, they held meetings today. churches are organizing volunteers to help those displacesed not just here, but also in neighboring calhoun, where hundreds of homes are destroyed, and people are without power. in adairsville georgia, i'm julie martin from the weather channel. >>> they'll have some quieter weather, with a chance to clean up. we're at 42 here. >>> you can see just how gusty it is far and wide, all the way through the state of maryland, d.c.
tornado damage in adairsville, georgia. survivors surrounded by mounds of debris. the top of the town's steel water tank torn open like a sardine can. >> it all happened in maybe five seconds. i mean, it was just boom. >> reporter: on the ground assessing the strength of the tornado, the national weather service's keith steelman. >> this structure alone would be in the ef-3 range. so what we'll do is look at others and come up with a final rating. >> reporter: and here in adairsville, georgia tonight, initial estimates point to a tornado tracking some 24 1/2 miles with winds in excess of 160, all causing damage estimated at around $75 million. brian? >> a wild night in these parts, as well. julie martin in georgia for us. julie, thanks. >>> and still ahead, as we continue on a thursday evening, if you're among those of us who had no chance of getting into an ivy league school, well, there's good news. there's a way to get in now on the ground floor. >>> and later, beyonce unleashes a stunner, even before the super bowl gets under way and sends a very distinct message to her critics.
a half hour ago. what do we know? >> it was the town of adairsville, georgia. there are triage areas set up at local banks. this was a big hit. we don't have video approved for air yet. stay tuned was. we have to ask the photographer, make sure this is okay. we'll show you the tornado. it's an impressive tornado for georgia. maybe not of the f-5 or 4 like you would see in kansas, texas, oklahoma, nebraska, but a big tornado did roll through town. over the interstate knocking over cars, tipping over a tractor-trailer as well. as you said, this is making a snow event up here in parts of oh wisconsin and michigan. then the line of oh weather, the cold air. right here, the warm air right here clashing, making tornadoes for the southeast today. about the same story we had yesterday a little bit farther back to the west. right now we are watching the entire area here all the way from north georgia back down through rome with storms coming by. taking a look at the temperatures. this is extreme weather. it's 70 degrees in atlanta. 28 in kansas city. up here, temperatures are well below zero agai
. >> towards i-75. >> reporter: in its path, utter destruction. this is main street in adairsville, tornado tornado. you can see devastation on that side of the street. the trucks completely destroyed here. on this side, it was a normal day of work at this plant, they come here to make parts for tractors. complete devastation. 50 to 100 poem working here today. all of them fine. across this entire area, trucks, everything, shredded. at the plant, justin karns and his fellow employees took refuge in the bathroom what did it sound like and feel like? >> walls shaking. everything shaking. like a pressure on my ears, real high-pitched whistling sound. just hurt my ears really. >> reporter: the 1,000 mile long storm set off tornadoes in six states from missouri to georgia. leaving massive damage and creating drastic temperature changes. in nashville, one man died when a tree fell on his home. >> it was a bad sight. tree fell, like, right on him. >> reporter: in memphis, torrential rain and massive flooding. bridges, underpasses inundated. in arkansas, a horse barn collapsed, all 11 horses okay.
is in adairsville where there is significant damage. tell us what is going on. >> reporter: huge damage. at least one person, we understand, was killed when a building collapsed but fortunately not where i'm standing, at least not that we know of. this entire area -- this looks like it was someone's -- part of somebody's lunch that was being made is here. across the road, this is the main road in adairsville, georgia. two roads are completely destroyed. you can see the cars that are flipped over and semitrucks are flipped over as well. you can see this was a plant making heavy machinery this morning, 50 to 100 people in this thing. it is completely demolished. everyone, everyone made it out alive and fine. we talked to a couple of employees who said they hid in the bathroom and prayed and prayed but they finally were able to get out and amazingly enough, nobody was killed there. throughout this area, though, whether it's in marietta or lawrenceville, there are sirens going off here. it's a very frighten day for georgia, wolf. >> what are folks saying where you are? what are they bracing for? >> r
cloud in adairsville, georgia, leaving dozens of homes and businesses destroyed in its wake. 100 people were at work when the twister took aim on this plant. thankfully, all were safe. in tennessee, the national weather service confirmed four tornadoes touched down. one man was killed by a falling tree. and in kentucky, two people were injured when another confirmed tornado blew a trailer off its foundation. kurt gregory, nbc news. >>> we'll get the latest on what's in store for today from nbc meteorologist bill karins coming up in weather in just a bit. >>> the debate over gun control is taking place across the country, and yesterday it was heard from the nation's capital to newtown, connecticut, the town that lost 26 lives in a mass school shooting. last night that state's task force on guns violence and school safety heard moving testimony from a parent of one of those victims. >> we lost our son benjamin the morning of december 14th, to an unstable, suicidal individual who had access to a weapon that has no place in a home. >> earlier in the day, president obama met with former ariz
killed at least one person. a giant funnel cloud caught on camera in a place call ed adairsville georgia. the highway was simply shut down in north georgia and the problems remain on metro's green line shut down between the navy yard and southern avenue. the problem? an insulation fire at the anacostia station. workers had to turn off the power and that stranded a couple trains. those trains are still not moving and that's prompted some folks to leave the trains on their own. >>> the crews are still trying to clean the mess made by that terrible crash involving a fire truck and tractor trailer on the beltway today, slowed down traffic most of the entire afternoon. the wreck actually happened before 3 a.m. on the inner loop south of route 50 in prince george's. it left debris all over. a driver of the tractor trailer ran smack into the back of a fire truck that was trying to make a u-turn. medics rushed four volunteer firefighters and three others to the hospital. one firefighter's arm was actually severed, but the doctors managed to reattach it. >>> senators were debating gun control on
cloud in adairsville, georgia. 100 people were at work when the twister took aim on this plant. thankfully, all were safe. in tennessee, the national weather service confirmed four tornadoes touched down. one man was killed by a falling tree. and in kentucky, two people were injured when another confirmed tornado blew a trailer off its foundation. kurt gregory, nbc news. >>> we'll have more on that devastating weather and the latest in terms of weather from nbc's bill karins coming up. >>> the debate over gun control is taking place across the country and yesterday it was heard from the nation's capital to newtown, connecticut, the town that lost 26 lives. last night, moving testimony from a parent of one of those victims. >> we lost our son benjamin the morning of december 14th. to an unstable suicidal individual who had access to a weapon that has no place in a home. >> earlier in the day, president obama met with former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords, a victim of gun violence herself. giffords was in town to lend her voice to guns on capitol hill. the first since the n
of the hardest-hit spots was adairsville, georgia, 60 miles north of atlanta. one person there died as did a man in pntennessee. let's get right to miguel marquez. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning there, soledad. the person who died here in adairsville died fairly close to where we were standing right now. he was in a manufactured home and a tree killed him. this storm packed a thousand-mile punch. >> we could see circulation in the clouds. >> reporter: a reporter from atlanta affiliate wsb caught one twister as it touched down. >> slashing toward i-75. again, a tornado -- >> reporter: in its path, utter destruction. >> this is main street in adairsville, georgia. this is exactly where that tornado hit. you can see devastation on that side of the street, the trucks completely destroyed here. and on this side was a normal day of work here at the plant where they make parts for tractors. complete devastation. 50 to 100 people working here today, all of them fine. across this entire area, trucks, everythin everything, shredded. at the plant justin carnes and his fellow employees took
: in adairsville you can see to the right of the funnel some of the debris coming up, this is only about a quarter mile from our location here on highway 41 near i-75. >> this same weather system pushing to the northeast. >>> day three of a dangerous standoff, a 5-year-old boy still held hostage in an underground bunker. we're learning new details about the man who took him. neighbors say he's a survivalist with anti-american views. >>> short supply, the gun debate has people across the country looking to stock up, but now one retailer, and that would be walmart, limits how much ammunition they can buy. >>> and the brothers harbaugh have one final score to settle. >> well, you know, fighting for everything. you fight for the extra hotdog, and you know, you fight for girls, you fight for everything. >> sibling rivalry on a super stage. "newsroom" starts now. good morning, thank you so much for being with us. i'm carol costello. we begin with a showdown on capitol hill, minutes from now, former republican senator chuck hagel begins his uphill battle to become the nation's defense secretary. the viet
on the shed where he took cover. the most destructive twister killed another man in adairsville, georgia, where we find terrell brown. good morning. >> reporter: charlie, norah, good morning to you. this is what's left of a store here in adairsville, much of the debris is from one of the sides of the building. that is the roof and mangled in this debris is hundreds of power lines, hundreds of yards as residents return today to see if they have anything left. >> that's a tshd buddy. >> reporter: late wednesday morning the tornado touched down in adairsville, 60 miles north of atlanta. it ripped homes to shreds. >> i was so scared. it just picked me up and fling me three times. one man died when a tree fell on his home. >> there was no warning from the sirens, no wag. >> reporter: juanita carter dove into the bathtub to take cover as her house collapsed around her. >> i was glad my kids weren't in home, they were in school. >> reporter: they estimated the cloud as a quarter mile wide and touched down and stayed on the ground for a full two miles. >> this [ bleep ] on get back
destructive twister killed another man in adairsville, georgia, and that's where we find terrell brown. terrell, good morning. >> reporter: norah and charlie, good morning. this is what's left in adairsville. much of the debris is from one of the sides of the building. that is the roof. and mangled in all of this debris is downed power lines. this is what cleanup crews will have to deal with today as many residents return to see if they have anything left. >> hey, that's a tornado, buddy. >> reporter: late wednesday the tornado touched down here in adairsville, 60 miles north of atlanta. it tore off parts of a manufacturing plant and ripped homes to shreds. >> i was so scared. it picked me up and flinged me three times. >> reporter: one man died when a tree crushed his home. at least nine people were injured. juanita carter dove into the bathtub to take cover as the structure of her cinder block house collapsed around her. >> i'm glad my kids weren't home and they were in school. >> reporter: chief jones said they estimated it as a quarter mile wide and staid on the ground for a full t
buildings and cars overturned on interstate 75. this is near adairsville, georgia. you can see the reporter. pictures coming from waga. overturned cars from a tornado apparently that roared across i-75 near adairsville, georgia. look at that car. absolutely flattened. they're trying to get rescue crews on the scene. trying to get to those that might be trapped in some of those overturned vehicles. what a mess in georgia. very, very frightening weather. we'll keep an eye on it from the fox news extreme with center. uma: there is movement gaining steam to arm teachers in the wake of newtown. in tennessee a state lawmaker is pushing a bill that would require armed staff members in zoo school. it would open the door to teachers carrying guns in the classroom. senior national correspondent jong roberts is joining us live in atlanta with more on this. jon? >> reporter: good afternoon, uma. this is movement growing across the country. want to show you a little bit of videotape. this is a couple years ago, a high school in sullivan county, eastern tennessee. school resource officer, armed guard in
serrie live in aday or soville, -- adairsville. >> 60 miles to the northwest of atlanta. a major problem that they are dealing with is restoring electricity. it is still out, including in this area where i am. the only lights are those brought by all of the various tv crews and because of all the debris, it's taken a while for authorities to clear the roads so utility trucks can get into these areas. for several hours today, i-75, a major thoroughfare between atlanta and chattanooga was closed in both directions because of an overturned tractor-trailer scattering debris across that highway thats would cleared mid afternoon and traffic is back open on i-75. shep? >> shepard: tornado sirens woke you up, i understand this morning? >> they did, indeed. that was in nashville. last night it was right balmy. some penal we saw weary shorts. in the wee hours of the morning the tornado sirens went off. hotel security starts shouting down the halls telling people to get down to the lower level multiple twisters reported across the volunteer state this morning. while think range from relatively woke
adairsville. due to the turbulent weather. and the severe weather causes major flooding in midtown atlanta residents say, the streets flooded quickly once it started raining. authorities report. at least one person was killed in the storm. >> jacqueline: we are seeing nearly the opposite. with dry weather we are going to see 60s in more locations. cooling a little bit but still above average. things to this area of high- pressure that is offshore. driving the storm struck well to the north. this blocking pattern not expecting much of a breakthrough. the morning lows will be a bit warmer 40's but to the delta, and portions of the inland valleys. for the afternoon highs morning a bit towards the low 70's! sunnyvale, evergreen, 60s for the rest of the south bay. mid-60s. the same for the east bay shore. and also similar with mid-60s. for the north bay, a mixture of upper 60s with several degrees warmer than what we saw today. they look at your extended forecast with warmer weather and even saturday. temperatures will stay warmer. we are going to get more cloud coverage but no rainfall expecte
they are trying to clean up the pieces and trying to get things back together here in adairsville in neighboring gordon county up the road where there were 8 more folks who were hurt. it will be a long process but they are doing what they can to try to clean up the pieces after a dead stloirm came through here just under 24-hours ago. reporting live marc teichner, fox news. >> from our fox affiliate. >>> janice dean continues our extreme weather coverage with what's happening right now. >> we are seeing the winds blaze across the northeast. wind gusts close to 65 miles per hour. tropical storm force winds certainly. this is almost like tropical storm because we are seeing rainfall wind gusts and pressure dropping out of the system rapidly. sandy hook new jersey 63 miles per hour. westchester pennsylvania 6 mails an hour. it brought severe weather including two dozen reports of tornadoes. the worst of it across the great lakes and the northeast a cold front ploys eastward. ahead of the cold front warm moist air. we are dealing with temperatures 63 degrees across the northeast coast. it will clear
and to the south. at least two people have been killed. one of the twisters slammed into adairsville, georgia, northwest of atlanta. >> come on, get back in here! >> pelley: homes and offices were torn apart. one death has been reported there. juanita carter was sleeping when it hit. >> i was hanging-- i was on my-- my back was across those blocks, and i don't remember nothing after that. i blacked out. >> pelley: water shot into the air when a pipe burst, and vehicles were tossed all over interstate 75, including this man's truck. >> it was just unbelievable. it's-- it's nothing-- nothing like i ever seen before in my life. >> pelley: another tornado struck outside nashville tennessee. home after home was destroyed, and one death is reported there. in memphis, 200-year-old trees were no match for the wind. and cbs news weather consultant david bernard is in miami, tracking the storms. david, what can we expect next? >> reporter: scott, let's take a look at our collection of doppler radars that we have right now. we have a slew of tornado watches that are in effect this evening from tallahass
a tornado in the town of adairsville. it destroyed several homes and businesses. >> check out what they did. it destroyed billing, knocked down trees. storm team 4 has you covered as always. and stay ahead of the storm, downlocal the weather app. search "nbc washington in the app. story or in google play. >>> there's a new twist in the trial of that former culpepper police officer. today jersey were asked to testify about alleged misconduct during deliberations. reporter david culver explains how it unfolded today in court. >> reporter: an unexpected shake-up. suddenly it was the jurors being questioned, the judge and attorneys wanting to know how two additionnaries and one they sauers may have influenced the verdict. the defense they're receiving, they've already filed motion for a mistrial. daniel harmon wright walking back into jail today, a little more composed, a very different harmon wright from 24 hours earlier. that's when a jury convicted him of voluntary manslaughter. perhaps now harmon wright is more hopeful. there's a chance he could get a new trial. inside the courtroom, drama
near interstate 75 in adairsville, georgia. power lines were toppled and a man was killed. truck driver traffic richardson saw the -- travis richardson saw the twister coming. >> it sucked my truck in like a vacuum and then it spit me out. >> reporter: she and her family rode out the tornado in their storm shelter. they lost their home, but survived. >> just got our home is gone. and then never expected to see anything like this. >> reporter: the tornado heavily damaged is manufacturing plant in the town. about 100 workers took cover and survived and employees at a local bank took shelter in a vault. >> probably weren't in there maybe 10, 15 seconds and you can feel the pressure in the air change like riding in an airplane. >> reporter: the storm system destroyed homes in nashville. one man was killed there when a tree fell on his shed. and in mississippi, a woman credits divine intervention for saving her life when a massive tree fell on her home. >> i'm telling you without a shadow of a doubt in my mind that the lord woke me up and said get up. because i had no sooner got up and got o
in adairsville, georgia. abc's steve osunsami visited with danny and katherine welch, sifting through what was left of their home. >> i found this one that has all of our names on it and our kids' names. >> reporter: daddy. that's you. >> reporter: the same vicious cold front brought spring-like floods that washed out roads and flipped cars in north carolina. >> when the levee broke, there was trash, there was limbs, even saw a tire was floating by. >> reporter: in parts of maryland, two to six inches of rain fell, making it a morning full of rescues. and then there was that wind. wind gusted over 70 miles per hour in connecticut, taking down power lines and trees. diane, i wanted to go back to that image inside the detroit whiteout today. now, if this happens, the recommendation is to gradually slow down, turn on your flashers and if you can get off the highway, do so. diane? >> again, you have to act fast. thank you so much, ginger zee reporting in tonight. >>> and now, in washington today, one man entered the arena. chuck hagel, the purple heart recipient from the vietnam war, the forme
tracks the tornado hitting adairsville, georgia, where one person is confirmed dead. >>> extreme weather and climate change are at the center of "the future," an urgent appeal to action. i sat down with al gore today and asked if the time is also right after newtown for new gun laws. >> i would hope that this is the moment when we finally do act. of course, i campaigned in 2000 for additional restrictions on sale and distribution of these weapons. i spoke at the memorial service at columbine and said frequently, no more columbines. we've had six gun incidents in schools this year, and it's still january. it is time to act, and the horrific tragedy at sandy hook elementary has to be the crossing of a line beyond which we finally do act. >> in fact, this is the first vigorous gun debate that we've had in this country since the 2000 campaign. >> yeah. >> do you feel that the gun debate and the positions that you took cost you arkansas, tennessee your home state, potentially led to that election outcome? >> i think it's more complicated than that. i know that some seasoned political observer
. that twister touched down in adairsville, georgia. buildings destroyed, people trapped in the rubble, cars overturned. authorities were forced to shut down interstate 75 at one point. thousands of people lost power. this has been hammering the country from michigan to the coastline. chad myers is joining us. is this strange to be seeing tornadoes in january, chad? >> good question. there's about 40 tornadoes every year in january on average. the follow the jet stream. follow where the jet stream is. it's down here. if you move up into february and march, by tornado alley standard, by april and may you are here. in june and july you can get tornadoes up into canada because that's where the jet stream is. not unusual but 40 every year on average. today we got about 10. that's obviously more than average for the day. >> and the big swings in temperature, well below freezing last week, much cooler again in a couple of days, how ordinary is that? >> it was 5 degrees in new york city six days ago. today, newark, new jersey, got to 64. that's a 59-degree swing because of where you were in the jet
from adairsville, georgia. how much damage there is? >> it's been incredible damage here. the police chief just did a briefing and told us the number now is at $75 million. he says it's about 95 structures. when you look at the houses and businesses that have been affected. 31 of those just totally destroyed. >> shepard: yesterday we heard reports of people trapped in damaged homes. everybody accounted for now? >> i've heard a lot of stories today of survival, and the police chief says they have gone from house-to-house and everyone is just about accounted for. there are 4600 people that live here, and one fatility at this point. nine injuries. so looks like everyone is accounted for, and at this point, they're working to clean things up. this is going to be a very, very long road to get things back to normal here. >> shepard: an awful mess. thank you. >>> we're uptating the other story that is breaking in south atlanta. prismoidle school, where -- price middle school, a 14-year-old girl has been shot on the campus by a male student who is now custody. more as new information comes i
a grocery store in adairsville. that storm destroyed homes, cars, businesses and a manufacturing planned. aim people are in a hospital from falling debris. at one point today more than 8500 people were without power. that tornado was one of the sever throughout the south and midwest today. >> which raises the question whether we could see anything like that. >> that's the big concern. a lot of people mentioning derecho. you see a line of thunderstorms, talk about the derecho. we're not going to see anything like that here. we do have a slight chance of an isolated tornado, but not talking about what they saw toward the south. once again, no chance of derecho type winds. take a look at the radar right now. we'll show you what's happening across the region. a severe thunderstorm warn. league burg is under the gun at this moment. we've gotten reports of flash flooding, also into pords of -- clark burg, just to the west, so you're going to continue to see very heavy rain here. watch out for the heavy downpours, watch out for that area of standing water. turn around, don't drown. give yoursel
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